Nice turnout at the Cold Spring film screening of “How to Die in Oregon”

Thanks to all 30 or so folks who came to the Jan. 28 screening of “How to Die in Oregon” at the Presbyterian Church in Cold Spring, and then stayed afterwards for an hour-long discussion of the film and to get updates on the NYS Medical Aid in Dying Act, whose 2017 campaign was launched last week in Albany. It was great to meet so many new supporters! Special thanks to supporter Kathie Scanlon who made all the screening arrangements and hung fliers around town letting people know about this event.

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If you live in the Lower Hudson Valley and would like us to set up a screening or discussion in your community, please contact us and we can talk about when and how that could happen!

Use this new easy online form to tell the legislature to pass the Medical Aid in Dying Act:


2 thoughts on “Nice turnout at the Cold Spring film screening of “How to Die in Oregon”

  1. I was the editor on the film, How To Die In Oregon and am a firm advocate for Death with Dignity. I occasionally look at the internet to see what is going on with the film and came upon your posting.
    While working on this film, I was the same age as Cody as she went through her end of life decisions. Also while editing the film, I learned of the suicide death of an old friend of mine who was terminally ill, living in Chicago and, with no recourse to physician aid in dying, took her life violently and alone. Her family was left with the pain, trauma and sorrow of discovering their mother the next day.
    I am so thankful to live in Oregon where for 20 years, the cynical views of anti-DWD opposers have been proven wrong and false every day. This is a compassionate and loving act that helps people, their family and friends at the time they need it most. Thank you for screening the film. I Hope New York has the wisdom and compassion to pass a Death With Dignity law.
    Greg Snider


    1. Thanks for finding us and sharing your comments, Greg. We hope the New York State legislature indeed shows New York citizens the wisdom and compassion that citizens of Oregon have benefited from for 20 years.


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