Info on the “Ask Your Doctor” campaign

We know that you respect aid in dying as an end of life option. But does your doctor? Help us find out. A 2014 poll of American doctors showed the majority of them support medical aid in dying for patients with a terminal and incurable disease. The more doctors who speak out, the more terminally ill patients will actually have that option.

  1. Join our Ask Your Doctor campaign. It’s simple. At your next appointment with your family doctor or specialist you see regularly, tell your doctor why you believe aid in dying should be a compassionate option for certain eligible adults facing a terminal prognosis.

  2. Ask your doctor if she or he agrees. If not, leave some information behind (let us know; we can provide).

  3. If she or he agrees, please let Compassion and Choices know by doing one of the following:

All of this Ask Your Dr info is further explained at the main website:
Let us know how it goes!